Trojan Heatmate Underlay

The perforated structure of the Trojan Heatmate underlay is unique and facilitates the transmission of heat. With Heatmate underlay you are sure to reach top efficiency of your flooring heating system. This low tog (0.35 Togs) underlay is designed for underfloor heating. Thermal resistance is RB=0.035m2K/W which means that the tog rating will be 0.35 togs. It is recommended that the heat transmission resistance of flooring and underlay must not exceed a value of RB= 0.15 m2K/W. This means that the thinner the engineered or laminate floor the better the transfer of heat. Trojan Heatmate underlay ensures sound reduction of your flooring. Impact and drrum sound are reduced. Density of the EVA foam in Heatmate underlay is 30kg/m3. Ideal for rooms with heavy traffic. We recommend to use in conjunction with Trojan Vapour Barrier for high moisture sub-floor.
– Easy to lay
– Suitable for underfloor heating
– Perforated structure for heat transmission
– Impact sound reduction 20db
– Tog rating 0.35
– Absorbs minor floor imperfections

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RB= 0.15 m2K/W

Tog rating 0.35

Impact sound reduction 20db

Roll size: 1m x 12.5m = (12.5m2)

Perforated flooring underlay for underfloor heating systems (12.5m2)

Dimensions 1250 × 100 × 0.2 cm