Trojan A36 Self-Adhesive Angle Edge 25x20mm

The Trojan 25x20mm Angle Edge bridges the expansion gap between wooden flooring and skirting boards and provides a neat finish. It also finishes the floor around fireplaces, patio doors and fills thresholds at internal or external doorways and in some situations around the entire room. The self adhesive side sits flat to the floor and gives a smooth, flat finish without visible fixings. This angle edge is available in various finishes.

– Self adhesive profile
– Covers expansion gaps
– Provides a neat and professional finish
– Various finishes available

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  • Provides a neat and professional finish
  • Covers expansion gaps
  • Self adhesive
  • Various finishes available


Box Qty



Gold, Silver, Brushed Silver, Dark Oak, Natural Oak, Walnut

Profile Length

2700mm, 900mm