Trojan A08 Self-Adhesive Profile

The A08 Trojan Self Adhesive Coverstrip is manufactured with hot melt flexible adhesive to help with easy installation. It is an ideal profile for joining two floors of equal heights. This coverstrip is 38mm wide and available in 0.9m, 1.8m & 2.7m lengths in various finishes.


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  • 38mm wide
  • 2mm high
  • Slim Profile
  • Self adhesive coverstrip profile
  • Used for joining two floors of equal heights
  • Provides a neat and professional finish
  • Various finishes available
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Black, New York Grey, Gold, Silver, Chrome, Brushed Silver, Dark Oak, Natural Oak, White Wash, Toscana Grey Oak, Titanium Grey Oak, Walnut, Bronze


900mm, 1800mm, 2700mm