October 25, 2011

October 2011

DS Supplies now has in stock Trojan Commercial Stairnosing Photoluminescent 68x33mm 3m. This stairnosing is suitable for external use and ideal for both commercial and domestic applications where public safety is paramount. In addition to the function of step edge protection the Trojan Photoluminescent Stairnosing offers an easy, energy efficient solution to illuminating steps. Should a local or emergency power failure occur on stairways, increasing the risk of hazard for evacuees, the Trojan Photoluminescent Stairnosing allows the evacuee to orientate, locate stair edges and risers and also helps to assist in the safe evacuation of the premises. This system requires no electrical connection, it’s simple to install and requires no special maintenance. Only normal illumination, daylight, fluorescent or standard tungsten filaments are required to activate its performance...

Also in stock are our new Aluminium Stair Treads..

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