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November 25, 2011

November 2011

DS Supplies now has in stock MDF Door Frame sets to suit block work and studded walls. These sets come with a loose door stop and sets are available in pre-finished White Oak, Natural Oak, White and Walnut. All are individually shrink wrapped, coded and barcoded. The pack consists of 2 pcs 30x 109 or 131 x2100mm door frame,
1 pc 30x 109 or 131 x 1050mm door frame, 2 pcs 12x44x2100mm door stop and 1 pc 12x44x1050mm door stop.
Skirting and Architrave also available to match...

Also click on the link below to see our Vogt Multi Stripper in action:-

The Vogt Multi Stripper removes old floor coverings such as glued vinyl, PU-elastically glued parquet and laminate floors. Removes ceramic floor tiles, loosens bitumen sheeting, lifts foam backed carpets.


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