July 25, 2011

July 2011

DS Supplies are launching a Cork Underlay and Cork Expansion Strips. The underlay will come in 2mm x 1m (10m2) rolls which will be suitable for underfloor heating. The expansion strips will come in 10mm x 15mm x 1m (30pcs per pk) and 10mm x 20mm x1m (30pcs per pk). The underlay and strips are a natural product.

Also due into stock soon are our new 'Iron on Melamine Board Edging Tapes' which will be available in 22mm x 5m pre-glued rolls in beige, oak, white and walnut. These iron on edgings are perfect for edging door frames or furniture. The edging can simply be applied with a hot iron, then rolled or pressed into position while still hot. If there are any overlapping edges they can be trimmed when cold and then sanded to finish.


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