August 25, 2011

August 2011

DS Supplies now have in stock Acoustic Batton Strips which are self adhesive and come in 5mm x 50mm x 20m rolls. The trend towards high comfort parquet and wooden strip floor constructions in new buildings and renovations is increasing. Technical and acoustic reasons dictate the use of an inter-layer between the parquet and the structural floor construction in order to achieve the necessary comfort levels. These batton strips are an ideal separation layer between the structural floor and the parquet. It is thin, elastic, light in weight, acts as a water vapour and is easy to lay.. Simply stick to your floor beams, plywood or chipboard before fixing your plywood sub-floor. They also provide good impact sound insulation at low thickness, they absorb floor unevenness, they provide chemical and mechanical stability and are also environmentally friendly.

BattenStripI BattenStripII

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