GreenFX Artificial Grass 20mm Slanehill

The Slanehill artificial grass is part of the ‘Landscaping Collection’ and has a pile height of 20mm and is available in 50m2 & 100m2 roll sizes. The uses and purposes for GreenFx Slanehill artificial grass are endless, from parks to sports grounds, lawns to roundabouts, balconies to playgrounds, it is also suitable for display areas in garden centres. No mowing or edge cutting. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

– No mud
– Non Slip
– No mowing or edge cutting
– Weed free
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
– Environmentally friendly
– Latex backing
– Drain holes
– Colour fast & excellent resilience properties

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This is some technical information

Below we have tried to answer some of the most common questions about artificial grass, however if you have a specific question, simply fill in your question or query on our contact page and we will answer you as soon as we can.

Q: Can I put my artificial grass over decking?
A: Yes, the grass can be fitted over existing decking. Simply cut to size and fix with pins, nails or screw to prevent creeping etc. Because the decking is a hard surface, the use of a shock pad is recommended to give extra cushioning especially where children may play.

Q: Will the rain water get through the artificial grass?
A: All our landscape artificial grass contain drain holes to allow rainwater to escape, however do make sure there is adequate drainage in the base or ground prior to installing the artificial grass.

Q: Is the artificial grass suitable for my dog?
A: Yes, our grass will not cause any harm to your pets, whether cats or dogs. The yarn will not discolour with urine and as an additional bonus, your dog won’t be able to dig any more holes in your new lawn!

Q: Can weeds grow on the artificial grass?
A: While technically it is possible as there is drainage holes to allowing the rainwater to escape, in reality the base should be well compacted stone & sand which will prevent any weeds from coming through if installed correctly.

Q: What size rolls are available?
A: We stock 4m & 2m roll widths with lengths of 25m long. Handy pre-cut rolls are also available!

Q: Can I use the grass on a concrete floor?
A: Of course, just make sure to stick into place to prevent a trip hazard. Use our butyl double sides self-adhesive tape or our 290ml grass adhesive cartridge for a perfect bond.

Q: What is the guarantee of the artificial grass and will it fade?
A: Our grasses are UV protected and carry a manufacturers 8 year warranty, however these yarns have a proven have track record well in excess of 12 years in countries such as the Spanish & Portuguese markets, therefore we expect this to be the case here in Ireland & the UK. Please note our budget 7 – 12mm products only carry a 2 year guarantee.

Q: Does the grass have a directional pile like carpet?
A: Yes, especially the thicker grass yarns. It is important to plan your cuts and or joints to make sure that all the grass piles run in the same direction. This will eliminate different shading from happening etc.

Q: How do I clean the grass?
A: The grasses are manufactured from PP or PE which means that they are a plastic material and therefore easily cleaned with a household detergent and or simply warm water.

Q: Can I fit the artificial grass myself?
A: The grass is generally easy to fit provided the substrate is level and that poor drainage areas are dealt with using aggregate and sand etc. We provide the fixing pins and double sided tapes for joins to make diy installation easy.

Dimensions 3 cm
Roll Size

100m², 50m²