Product Range

  • Waspinator


    Wasps are terrirtorial and are tricked into thinking that the Waspinator is another colonies hive, rather than risk attack from this other colony, they simply…

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  • Doorstops


    This innovative doorstop secures doors in place and also protects your walls, doors and furniture.  It fits in front or behind any door, between a…

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  • Rug & Felt Grip

    Rug & Felt Grip

    Anti-slip underlayments increase slip prevention for you and your surroundings.   The rug grip is available in a grid structure which ensures that carpets and rugs and much…

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  • Furniture Legs

    Furniture Legs

    Wagner furniture legs are ideal for tables, bookshelves, kitchen furniture, occasional furniture, wardrobes, stools, benches, consoles, desks and much more. They can help you to make…

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  • Protective Films

    Protective Films

    Self adhesive protective films can help you avoid additional costs of extensive cleaning or replacing of carpet, rugs or glass etc.  These temporary protective films…

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  • Ladder Wedge

    Ladder Wedge

    It is not always possible to have someone hold the base of a ladder and on occasions, a ladder also needs to be used on…

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  • Floor & Furniture Repair Kits

    Floor & Furniture Repair Kits

    The 'Trojan Soft Wax Repair Kit' is suitable for all types of repairs to floors and furniture, i.e. wood, flooring, doors, kitchen cabinets and is…

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  • Transport Helpers/Trolleys

    Transport Helpers/Trolleys

    Wagner Transport Helpers have a maximum load capacity of up to 400kg and are ideal for tasks at home as well as in the skilled…

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  • Rothley Safety Grab Rails

    Rothley Safety Grab Rails

    Rothley safety grab rails are ideal for providing extra support around the home.  Grab rails should be 32mm to 35mm diameter fixed with a clearance…

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  • Floor Cutters

    Floor Cutters

    You can only achieve a perfect work result with the right tool.  Wolfcraft products are the elegant alternative to jig, mitre saws and blades.  They…

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  • Rothley Handrail System

    Rothley Handrail System

    Rothleys Handrail system provides an attractive, modern finish to a home's staircase with a choice of chrome or brushed nickel finishes.  The 40mm diameter tube…

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  • Rothley Colorail Tubing & Fittings

    Rothley Colorail Tubing & Fittings

    Rothley Colorail tube and fittings are available in 19mm and 25mm diameter round and 30mm x 15mm oval and in a variety of attractive finishes.  These…

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  • Rothley Storage Hooks

    Rothley Storage Hooks

    Rothley storage hooks are ideal for freeing up space in your shed or garage.  There is an extensive range available, aluminium wall & bicycle hooks,…

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  • Takker Tools

    Takker Tools

    Takker products make picture hanging easier and give customers the confidence to hang pictures and much more without unnecessary damage to wall surfaces.  Takker has…

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  • GreenBox


    With the Wagner GreenBox you can now have a mobile garden, either indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for patios, balconies and ideal for mini…

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  • Real Wood Veneers

    Real Wood Veneers

    The Combi-One floor profile is for all wooden floor types. This profile transitions floor heights from 7-21mm, which is suitable for solid wood, semi-solid,  engineered…

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  • Commercial Matting

    Commercial Matting

    Notrax have a full selection of outdoor and indoor entrance matting for professional use.  Notrax professional dust contract matting products are designed to:- Remove dirt…

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  • Castors & Wheels

    Castors & Wheels

    Wagner Wheels & castors, we have it all.  Not only do the components of a castor play a large roll in the right combination, it also…

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  • Self Adhesive Profiles

    Self Adhesive Profiles

    Trojan Self Adhesive profiles bridge the joins or provide a transition between two floors of different heights and can also provide a neat edge to butt against other…

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  • Cork Flooring Products

    Cork Flooring Products

    Cork is an environmentally friendly product.  The raw material is stripped away from the outer bark of a Cork Oak tree when the tree is approximately…

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  • Anti Slip Products

    Anti Slip Products

    We have a range of anti-slip solutions to make existing patios, decks, stairs, showers and all other surfaces anti-slip and safe.  Rain, snow and the…

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  • MDF Mouldings

    MDF Mouldings

    The Trojan MDF mouldings are all prefinished and provide a decorative element and a real finishing touch to a home.  MDF (medium density fibreboard) is…

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  • Plant Trolleys

    Plant Trolleys

    DS Supplies are the sole suppliers of the new range of WAGNER plant trolleys. A brand of assortment trolleys for indoor and outdoor use. High…

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  • Classic Collection

    Classic Collection

    Trojan Classic Collection profiles bridge the joins or provide a transition between two floors of different heights and can also provide a neat edge to butt against other flooring,…

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  • Solid Profiles

    Solid Profiles

    Trojan Solid profiles are manufactured from solid wood which is a natural product, some are available in prefinished and unfinished.  They bridge the joins or provide a…

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  • Floor Underlays

    Floor Underlays

    We have an extensive range of underlay options available for your wood flooring suitable for laminate, solid wood, semi solid and engineered.  Most flooring requires underlayment…

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  • Cork Products

    Cork Products

    Cork is an environmentally friendly product.  The raw material is stripped away from the outer bark of a Cork Oak tree when the tree is approximately…

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  • Fillers and Sealants

    Fillers and Sealants

    Fillers and sealant are for sealing and filling gaps in wood flooring, door frames, skirting and any other wooden and porous materials.

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  • Artificial Hedging

    Artificial Hedging

    GreenFx artificial hedging can provide a fast & effective solution to tidy, brighten up an area and also provides some privacy. As our hedging is…

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  • Artificial Grass

    Artificial Grass

    GreenFx artificial grass puts the colour back into your garden with its maintenance-free realistic-look.  Choose from a single colour grass that gives that well-cared for manicured…

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  • Flooring Tools

    Flooring Tools

    Installing a laminate floor is one of the most consumer friendly DIY projects to complete.  The tools and materials which are needed to install a laminate…

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