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Floor Cutters

You can only achieve a perfect work result with the right tool.  Wolfcraft products are the elegant alternative to jig, mitre saws and blades.  They cut laminate boards almost noisless, do not need power and do not generate dust.  They also have a cutter for vinyl which is a convenient solution for cutting and laying…
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Takker Tools

Takker products make picture hanging easier and give customers the confidence to hang pictures and much more without unnecessary damage to wall surfaces.  Takker has universal appeal across 30-65 year age group. It's an easy to use tool for young and old.   Takker is used by both novice and experienced DIY person.  It is a…
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Flooring Tools

Installing a laminate floor is one of the most consumer friendly DIY projects to complete.  The tools and materials which are needed to install a laminate floor are very affordable, and the end result will provide you with years of comfort.
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