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Rothley Safety Grab Rails

Rothley safety grab rails are ideal for providing extra support around the home.  Grab rails should be 32mm to 35mm diameter fixed with a clearance between the rail and the wall of 50mm to 60mm with a good grip when wet. They should contrast in colour and luminance with the background against which they are…
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Rothley Handrail System

Rothleys Handrail system provides an attractive, modern finish to a home's staircase with a choice of chrome or brushed nickel finishes.  The 40mm diameter tube and range of fittings meet guidelines set out in Building Regulations Document 'M' and British Standard BS8300:2001.
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Rothley Colorail Tubing & Fittings

Rothley Colorail tube and fittings are available in 19mm and 25mm diameter round and 30mm x 15mm oval and in a variety of attractive finishes.  These tubings and fittings can to be used for multiple applications such as hanging rails, display stands and shelving units etc.
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Rothley Storage Hooks

Rothley storage hooks are ideal for freeing up space in your shed or garage.  There is an extensive range available, aluminium wall & bicycle hooks, steel wall hooks with red plastic coating, galvanised steel utensil supports, tubular double hooks, all purpose storage hooks, adjustable spring loaded hooks and broom holders among many more.
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