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Wasps are terrirtorial and are tricked into thinking that the Waspinator is another colonies hive, rather than risk attack from this other colony, they simply retreat from the area leaving you with a wasp free garden area. ┬áSimply hang it over your patio table, on a tree, by the BBQ to create a wasp free…
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Ladder Wedge

It is not always possible to have someone hold the base of a ladder and on occasions, a ladder also needs to be used on unstable material such as gravel or grass. Our rubber ladder wedge provides a safe non-slip solution. Reduces movement of ladder Enhances safety Recycled Rubber - 1m long x 240mm wide…
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Transport Helpers/Trolleys

Wagner Transport Helpers have a maximum load capacity of up to 400kg and are ideal for tasks at home as well as in the skilled and professional sector. Four newly developed, flexible transport castors take care of the perfect rolling quality even on sensitive floorings e.g. in residential and office areas. Wagner transport helpers are…
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With the Wagner GreenBox you can now have a mobile garden, either indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for patios, balconies and ideal for mini flower beds, growing herbs, fruit or vegetables. It can also be used as a barbeque trolley, mobile library, concealed storage for garden tools or a decorative piece of furniture on…
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