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Real Wood Veneers

The Combi-One floor profile is for all wooden floor types. This profile transitions floor heights from 7-21mm, which is suitable for solid wood, semi-solid,  engineered and laminate floors and is available in 1m & 2m lengths. This one for all profile allows for expansion gaps and a smooth transition between different floor coverings. It is a…
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Self Adhesive Profiles

Trojan Self Adhesive profiles bridge the joins or provide a transition between two floors of different heights and can also provide a neat edge to butt against other flooring, fireplaces and door frames.  They are suitable for laminate, semi solid, solid wood, lino or vinyl floors and are manufactured with hot melt flexible adhesive.  These profiles are available in different lengths and…
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Cork Flooring Products

Cork is an environmentally friendly product.  The raw material is stripped away from the outer bark of a Cork Oak tree when the tree is approximately 25 years old. The bark then re-grows every 9 years which allows for further harvesting. A Cork Oak tree can live for well in excess of 200 years thereby providing raw…
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MDF Mouldings

The Trojan MDF mouldings are all prefinished and provide a decorative element and a real finishing touch to a home.  MDF (medium density fibreboard) is manufactured from breaking down hardwood or softboard into wood fibres and processing them to form mouldings.  We have a range of moulding available in various finishes in our scotia, skirting,…
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