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This innovative doorstop secures doors in place and also protects your walls, doors and furniture.  It fits in front or behind any door, between a door and a wall or between a door and a doorframe. The height between door and floor does not matter as the three rounded wedge elements have different pitch angle…
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Protective Films

Self adhesive protective films can help you avoid additional costs of extensive cleaning or replacing of carpet, rugs or glass etc.  These temporary protective films are quick and simple to apply straight from the roll. They have a low tack adhesive which does not leave a residue behind once removed.
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Floor & Furniture Repair Kits

The 'Trojan Soft Wax Repair Kit' is suitable for all types of repairs to floors and furniture, i.e. wood, flooring, doors, kitchen cabinets and is suitable for interior use only.  It is quick and simple to use.  Firstly remove any high points or burrs by using the edge of applicator provided, then chip a small…
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Floor Cutters

You can only achieve a perfect work result with the right tool.  Wolfcraft products are the elegant alternative to jig, mitre saws and blades.  They cut laminate boards almost noisless, do not need power and do not generate dust.  They also have a cutter for vinyl which is a convenient solution for cutting and laying…
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