October 25, 2010

October 2010

DS Supplies now has in stock our new ‘Panel Adhesive’ and ‘DS8 Multi Adhesive’. The Panel Adhesive is a one part, homogeneous paste adhesive based on acrylic dispersion which is recommended for bonding of light polystyrene and polyurethane elements to absorbent surfaces such as concrete, plaster, chipboard, wood, plaster board and gypsum. This panel adhesive is ideal for our Trojan MDF & Realwood range, e.g skirting, architrave, scotia, flat beading etc.
The DS8 Multi Adhesive is a one component silane terminated polyurethane polymer. Fast cure professional sealant, which cures to a permanent, outstanding durable, shrink proof and vibration resistant joint when exposed to moisture present in the air, which is also solvent free. This sealant exhibits excellent adhesive to various surfaces, porous and non porous like glass, glazing, ceramic tiles, steel, aluminium, concrete, cement based products, natural stone, wood, metals, metal sheet and plastics such as rigid PVC. The DS8 Multi adhesive is also used as a sealant and is ideal for sticking our Trojan stairnosings.

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