December 7, 2016

New - Grey repair floor and furniture kits

Interior design trendsetters have been praising grey as the “new neutral” this is because grey does not overpower other colours.  This inturn makes it versatile to work with as natural and beige tones.  Grey wood flooring brings out the grain in flooring and the floor becomes a statement which has increased the demand for grey flooring.

This in-turn prompted DS Supplies Ltd to stock a grey floor and furniture repair kit. They are available in a 'Softwax' and 'Hardwax Professional' kit and are ideal for repairing pin holes, small scratches, chips, dents and damaged edges to wood, flooring, doors, windows and kitchen cabinets.

Light-medium and medium-dark wood coloured kits also available.

grey-repair-kit rk14-trojan-repair-softwax-kit-grey-iirk15-professional-floor-repair-hardwax-kit-grey-iiprofessional-grey-floor-repair-kit


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