May 26, 2015

Customising your entrance mat

The entrance is a buildings first impression. As with any introduction to people, places or products, first impressions are critical. Entrances have to satisfy a variety of requirements including attractive design, high throughput rate and excellent functionality. Entrance mats come in a range of colours and patterns to match any interior and improve the overall aesthetics of the entrance giving it a professional, stylish appearance.

Logo matting provides the option to completely customise a quality dust control entrance mat with the company image, logo or message for powerful branding. As visitors enter the entrance mat becomes a large promotional opportunity to enhance your company identity and truly welcome guests, because as they enter most people primarily look to the floor.

DS Supplies Ltd can now offer you your very own personalised entrance matting. These entrance mats are suitable for medium to heavy traffic conditions. They are for placement inside entrances of hotels, shops, department stores, schools, universities, banks, restaurants and supermarkets. These mats can be machine washed or vacuum cleaned and are available in a wide range of colours.

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