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August 26, 2014

August 2014

As DS Supplies Ltd is a distributor of the Nicoline brand which is well recognised brand in all leading DIY retailers nationwide and overseas. The range includes Cork Floor and Wall Tiles, Parquet Floor Tiles, Real Wood Solid Plank Flooring, Solid Bamboo Flooring and Notice Boards along with a range of other Cork products including Bath Mats and Tableware.

Popular in the range are the Nicoline Cork Pinboard Wall Tiles which are specially formulated for walls. Nicoline Cork Wall Tiles are natural, jumbo sized granules of cork incorporating thousands of tiny air cells that trap the air and keep it warm. This principle gives a natural cork tile its excellent heat and sound insulation. The rich, golden texture of the Nicoline Cork Wall Tiles will add warmth and elegance to any room. And because they are a natural material they will never go out of fashion and stay looking good with very little attention. That’s what makes them equally ideal for pinboards too. These cork tiles are also fire retardant.


Dry Wipe Board

Combi Board


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